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Cressall Power Resistors

Cressall Resistors offers a wider range of technologies than any other power resistor manufacturer in the world and almost 100 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of electrical resistors for use in power generation, high voltage and medium voltage power distribution, marine and offshore electrical systems, drives and controls for cranes, hoists and industrial machinery, rail traction and standby power systems.


neutralearthing1 dynamicbraking1 load banks
Neutral Earthing Dynamic Braking Load Banks
harmonic filters motor control resistors traction resistors
Harmonic Filters Motor Control Rail Traction

We make neutral earthing and neutral grounding resistors for medium voltage electrical distribution networks; dynamic braking resistors for inverter drives; portable load banks for testing diesel generators, uninterruptible power supplies and batteries; dummy loads for the routine testing and operation of diesel power plant and high voltage filter resistors which form part of HVDC converter stations and Capacitor Damping Networks.


solar power wind power wave and tidal power
Solar Power Wind Power Wave & Tidal Power

Cressall has made significant investment in the design and manufacture of resistors for the testing, generation and control of renewable energy. Our engineers have more experience than most in providing practical solutions for the power generation industries and this shows in our innovative and comprehensive resistor ranges.


EV2 regenerative brakinghybid/electric vehicles
Regenerative braking for hybrid/electric vehicles

Cressall has developed a new lightweight and very compact liquid cooled resistors for the braking systems of hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Our specially designed brake resistors, sized to be able to absorb the vehicle's regenerated braking power continuously. These modules are a fraction of the size and weight of similarly-rated brake resistors using traditional sheathed elements.

Our range of edge-wound, grid, wire-wound, strip, expanded mesh and sheathed element resistor technologies enables us to offer appropriate and cost-effect designs for all these applications, using natural convection, fan cooling or water cooling either directly or indirectly by heat-exchanger.

ISO 9001In 2006 Cressall Resistors merged with TPR Resistors, creating the world's foremost resistor manufacturer and the UK's most experienced team of professionally qualified power resistor design engineers.

Cressall Resistors operates a Quality Management System approved to ISO 9001:2008 at both the main location in Leicester and the Transit and Special Projects division at Dereham. The Leicester location also operates an Environmental Management System approved to ISO 14001.

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